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05 December 2012

try speaking kejap ~ layan perasaan !

assalamualaikum korang ~
i just wanna share wif you alls about my feelings now..
you know, since he's got a job.. he's become more busy...
of course he dont have many time to spend with me anymore..
sokayy.. i know that he is busy in the day..
in night pulak, i tak sampai hati nak kacau dye nak ajak dye texting nak ajak dye sembang sembang.. because i know he must tired sebab siang hari dye kerje kan ?
sokayy laa sayang ~
you work for your own benefit ~
hope you enjoy your work and never forget me in your heart honey !
just now, 
no more texting in the day..
no more talking2 at midnight..
no more manje2 ~
not as usually ..
haha ! 
gyle ahh ! aku speaking dohh !
entah betul entah tidak ayat aku an ?
ape pun, syg tetap SAYANG b until whenwhen !
no more tears :) just smile :D until nampak your lesung pipit *if ade la*
okayy ~
  that's true ^^       
none of the topic nie ^^
 insyaallah !
assalamualaikum ~

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