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12 December 2013

what's up ?

ohh hye guys !
assalamualaikum :))
how are you ?
lama takda posting kan ?
haha dah tade mood bohh nak layan blogg .
pejam celik pejam celik , next year i'll be a senior at my school..
haha langsung takde characteristic seorang senior .
lama kott tak posting, so macam takde idea sangat lahh nak tulis apa kann ..
guys , benda dah tak happy macam dulu .
ehh wanna askingg ,
break dengan clash , is it not a same things ?
haha just asking , takde kene mengena dengan i punn :))
act, i feel lonely lately..
maybe because of him .
he's always busy, not there when i need him :'(
its oukay coz i still can bear it even its hurt .
maybe we should be friend from the start,so now and in a future there will be no one hurts .
haaa dah kenapa aku nieh ?
ntah laaaa ~
hm k takde mood nak cerita . 
next time kite posting lagi okehh ?
and prays for me next year :))
SPM victims !
 k chaw ! 

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