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10 October 2013

dugaan apakah ?

assalamualaikumm :)
ohh hye reader's ! what"s upp ?
lama takde posting ..
maklumm ~ busy exam last year ..
banyak gilaa beban latelyy ..
banyak gilaa problem .
just face it alone .
no more friends that could be by my side ..
donno where i have to share my probs ~
sometimes i feel like tak gunaa have a friends !
they do not understand, do not know what am i feel ..
apa yang dorang tahu, i kena jaga hati dorang ~
habis ?
who want to take care of mine ?
arghh ! mengarut nie semua ..
i hope that someday he will realise that i reallyreally need him by my side always ~
i hope so !
huhh--' gilaa i lamalama macam nie .
someone have told me that dont think about it too much untill my studies going down ..
yeahh youu ! takpayah cakap punn memang my studies dah down gilaa down double down . but i still can hold it . bertahan untuk menaikkan semula prestasi i ! i will prove to all of you that i'll success without him !
you know what ?
i make him like my ambition !
bilaa i anggap dia macam tuu, so i ada semangat nak study betulbetul .
i fikir i buad macam nie bole naikkan semangat i, but ... lately he's gone !
so far away from me !
hilangnye die bersama semangat i !
die bawak semnagt i bersama die ..
ohh god !
please give my strenght back !
i reallyreally need it .
kalau boleh tolong pulangkan dia sekali :(
i'm so suffered now .
please dont plus my sickness ~
everynight i ditemani airmata .
but why ? membazir je kann ?
i macam bendul yang lurus lagi tunggul yang takde hati tunggu and mengharap dia dekat sini , dia ? ada terfikir like what i think ?
i'm not blaming him hundred percent . maybe there's my mistake too that dont know where is it right ? but if we had something that tak memuaskan hati, we can slow talk right ? dont be like this please ?
i wonder ~
like this ke he treat his ex before ?
i dont think so ~
maybe in my turn he's changed a lot .
or maybe he's still love his ex ?

jujurlah sayang
aku tak mengapa
biar semua 
jelas tak berbeda
jika nanti
aku yang harus pergi
ku terima walau sakit hati

please jujur okehh ? sokayh if he dont love me anymore .
at least i know it from his mouth . not from other's .
dont blame me on what am i saying .
its come out from my heart .
and my heart saying like this because of YOU !
you did'nt treat my heart carefully !
arghh !
serabut .
if you read this,i'm sorry if make you misunderstands with what i'm saying .
i want you to know that i love you whole my life .
forever and ever insyaAllah .
assalamualaikum ~

*maaf english berterabur , still learning*

muka yang menyimpan seribu kesedihan ~

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